Survival of the Fittest. A reflection.



I am fortunate to live in a state that is not under any sort of vortex right now, and I ran outside yesterday with some friends. A mile of the the run was through some wooded trails, which is a challenge for me. Not only is it out of my physical comfort zone, it causes me some injury anxiety. But I did it, thanks to some encouragement from my fantastic friends.

The group spread out a bit throughout the trails, so it was fairly quiet. I felt my lungs work harder, my legs burn more than road running. With the beauty of nature around me, a thought crossed my mind. I am a high school science teacher by day, and I am always in awe of the intricacy of the human body and the complexity of the universe. So as I’m breathing in the atmosphere of our planet, I realize that I am made for this. Literally. Me, a living being, has evolved on this planet, from the elements of this planet, to suck in it’s air and use it. My bones and muscles are the result of billions of years of evolution to maintain core stability against the gravity of Earth. My eyes are adapted to see the range of wavelengths that just so happens to be the wavelengths of light that can get through our atmosphere.


So what really is it to run 3.2 miles? 13.1? 26.2?Just doing what I am built to do. Testing evolution. Survival of the fittest. What amazing machines we are.