Meditation challenge week 2


Happy holidays, peeps! Hope it was full of love and family. I had a fantastic Christmas eve and day. The holidays are still rolling around here, as I have my baby brother and his lovely girlfriend in town through the new year. 🙂

On the Momstar (previous blog) I mentioned my new years resolution to try out a new positive habit every month of 2014. January is meditation, and I decided to start early. Last week I completed class one at and it was… interesting.

I enjoy meditating. I already can tell that it is a very underutilized wellness tool. I am a skeptical scientist at my core but I could truly feel the energy. It may have been created by my mind because I wanted to feel it, but either way, the experience so far has helped my mindfulness, so what could it hurt? Even if it is pseudoscience?

A few hiccups:

  • Finding time. Even for 15 minutes, finding alone time where I am not solely responsible for the well-being of my two small children is difficult without sufficient planning.
  • Forgetting about the world around me. Hard hard hard. The hardest. I’m trying.
  • Posture. My posture sucks. If I am truly emptying my mind for a chunk of time, I am forgetting to remind myself to sit up straight. After 9 minutes my shoulders are almost touching my knees and my neck hurts.
  • Finding the optimal time to  harness my own energy. Let’s just say its not 10pm. ZZzzzzz….

While I intended to complete two classes a week, I only got through one so far. Oops. Ah well, good thing I started a month early. During the past two weeks I did meditate at least once a day almost every day. So I will chalk that up to a success! On to class two this coming week, Preparing yourself for Kundalini awakening. You can get to the class 2 page here.

Please comment below with your experience of class one! I’d love to hear what you thought. And of course start now with us! The course is free, online, and self guided. Get at it.

This would also be an amazing journey to take with a spouse/partner. Just saying. 😉

Happy meditating!

– Amy

*I don’t receive anything from the meditation site. I simply found something cool and am sharing!


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